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The Lash Loft believes in beautifully shaped eyebrows. After all, next to lashes, brows are your most important facial feature. Our technicians are expert in waxing and tweezing – completely up to you. We look to achieve a natural and sophisticated look. Also, having your brows shaped is the perfect complement to your gorgeous new lash extensions! We also offer amazing brow tints to add color, thickness and volume - makeup is no longer required!

The Lash Loft "Brow Shape"...

The Lash Loft brow shape service includes a short consult and brow shape using a combination of wax and tweezer with one of our amazing Brow Artists.

The Lash Loft "Brow Tint"...

With defined, well-groomed brows, The Lash Loft brow tint gives you a thicker look and a more youthful appearance without having to apply daily makeup. A brow tint will last for weeks.